Wednesday, 9 September 2009

"Self" Portraits.

We are contrived. On a daily basis we strive to project a persona onto those around us, subconsciously battling with how we want to be perceived and who we actually are. What continues to fascinate me is the way in which the constructed projections of ourselves are absorbed by those around us—the reaction to our self-presentation.

When producing these self portraits I decided to depict the self while avoiding egotistical, idealistic or negative self-judgments—themes which are commonplace in self-portraiture. I simply asked those closest to me to imitate me, literally depicting what they have seen me project. This has allowed me to photograph myself without the thought-process of how I think I should be represented, creating a body of work which depicts me without me.

"Self" Portrait One
You're Like An Ostrich

"Self" Portrait Two
You're Really Highly Strung

"Self" Portrait Three
Everything You Own Is Stolen Or Found In A Bin

"Self" Portrait Four
Every Time We Go Out You Touch Me Up

"Self" Portrait Five
You Constantly Smother Me

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