Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Worst Day Of My Life.

Each action undertaken has a purpose, an ultimate outcome, orientated toward a particular end. The photographs here depict seemingly random, absurd and impulsive moments. The incidents depicted have no obvious purpose, no concept of the social arena within which they have been created, and no bearing on the past, present or future. Each action is its own end: an encapsulated, absurd moment, incorporating its surroundings yet simultaneously disassociated from them.

What emerges is at once whimsical and sinister: both harmless and destructive, because to act without reason is to call into question your participation in what we know to be conventional human culture, it is to question your own status as reasonable, calculated even, and thereby interrogate your very humanness. The performances are all complete in themselves, with motive, action and outcome contained all in one moment, and this is why they are often surprising, humourous and disturbing.

London, 2007.


  1. I like your style :) of clothing and ideas

  2. love these! There is something really great about the color in these photos and I appreciate the humorous idea of disguise.

  3. So. Sodding. Brilliant. Just love it.